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22nd-Aug-2013 02:16 pm - Mnet MCountdown Party Post
basically an excuse to post these pics
Oh! seongsangnim

did the students just roll out of bed or what lol
16th-Sep-2011 09:06 am(no subject)
i made hot cocoa! from scratch! and it's not bad! i'm so proud of myself lol

currently calling in sick from the monthly cramps >_< ovaries,i simply hate having you sometimes

based on friends' recommendations i started reading The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. just finished book 1. the story's pretty past faced so it's not a boring read,but it focused too much on the romance angle for me, so it distracted me somewhat from the gore and action and suffering- on the whole i still prefer Maximum Ride series

i'll prolly finish book 2 and 3 today since i need distraction from the pain ouch

i'm still debating on whether to buy a new laptop or not. the new Asus U36SD caught my eye- the upgrade and the weight is veeery tempting,since my current Acer is 3.5 yo and heavy as a brick. i hate lugging it around when i have to go to meetings. but from the reviews, the Asus seems to have a little overheating issues yet some other reviewers said it's just a minor thing. my current laptop is still running perfectly well,and i don't know where i'll dump it if i do get a new one.. guess i'm just being a miser here lol

maybe i should take a look around the computer stores after the pain pills kick in..
10th-Sep-2011 12:26 pm - say kim-cheeee
Made my very first kimchi this morning!

First kimchi!

uh, forgive the crappy phone cam pic and random toes xD

The final result doesn't look all that impressive since I used local chilis instead of the firetruck-red Korean chili powder, but I think it tastes better than what I've tasted in korean restaurants <3 Even my 8yo nephew like it though he ended up in tears from spiciness lol

One thing I find odd is that it's slightly bitter.. dunno whether it's from the chilis or maybe the cabbage wasn't salted long enough

Since I don't really like the taste of raw chili, for lunch I stir-fried the kimchi, add an egg and leftover veggies- aaand it turned out way more delicious! =DD I might have to start thinking I have a hidden talent in cooking xD

I'll probably stir fry some more for dinner and left the rest to actually do what kimchi gotta do- ferment!
24th-Jul-2011 08:41 pm(no subject)
ever since i was small i've always wanted to have a diary and actually write regularly in it. but for some reason i just can't keep my interest in writing things down or i can't find anything worth writing about. I only get the urge to write whenever i feel angsty or particularly sentimental, or empty, or just mind-numbingly bored. so i'm afraid i sound like this depressed, raving maniac in my diaries/blog lol. most days i'm content to live in my own head xD

anyway, been restless these last few days, i don't have any interest whatsoever in doing the things i should/usually do. i think it's boredom finally crashing down on me and put me into a funk, the kind that makes me feel like a failure all around. i really need a new hobby or passion, preferably something i can work with my hands and made into a tangible object. in grade school, i actually liked knitting and crocheting and cross-stitching- what my mom called 'granny work' lol.. i guess those are pretty weird hobbies for a grade schooler,but i like them, i dunno why.. i'm not interested in them now though

in my boredom, i spent a while just browsing the net and found out i joined a lot of social networks even though i hate those xD i have facebook (coz all my RL friends/acquintances are in it),tumblr (so i can look at pictures of pretty boys ;)), twitter (@anginlewat in case anyone is interested) and of course LJ. now i realize why i very rarely touched my facebook- reading about other people's life and successes makes me feel more like a failure on bad days :/ i guess this just underlines my introversion mirrored into the digital world
24th-Oct-2010 10:01 pm - TEH ONBUTT RULES
just finished watching KIFF(Korean-Indonesian Friendship blah3) concert broadcast on TVRI- our national channel. put the tv on mute for everything but Shinee's part at the end. still feel so weird watching shinee on my local tv.. one could get used to this <3

LOL-ing forever @ 'SHAINEE' on the captions tho.. fail spelling is fail

all in all, i dunno whether it's a sucky sound system or the boys were just tired but they sounded pretty bad throughout- then again who cares, it's SHAINEE ON MY TV KYAAAAHHH~

but performance wise, they've definitely done better.

now i have this real insane urge to grab onew's luscious buttlike, ONBUTT.HANDS.NOW. damn that guy's curvy. good thing he's legal -.- also, this is the first time i find Key attractive, and that Minho's actually korean xDD

kay, finished spazzing (JINKI YOU PRECIOUS CREATURE YOU)
beddybye time~
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